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About Me

You need a vacation, don't you? 

I'm here to help you find a job that will allow you to LIVE your life, PURSUE your passions, and pay you a THRIVING wage... Life is too short to work 14 days straight and take a vacation every 3 years! (I'm talking to you!)

Who Am I?

I've been a corporate Chief of Staff, Office/Operations Manager, Executive & Personal Assistant, and Culture/Experience Manager for a bunch of different companies across various industries! I've climbed from Customer Service to Receptionist to Executive Assistant to  Operations Manager (with a heavy concentration in HR and Office Operations Management) and have worked in Private Equity, E-Commerce, Media/Publishing, Non-Profit (& more).

Why Coaching? 

I hated Customer Service. There is little I hate more, (short of famine, war, and disease), than customers. So, I took the first opportunity I could to leave. And the tag line, "I went from Customer Service to Corporate to 6 figures in only 4 years as an Assistant," is my real story! When I share my success story with people, especially being 25, they are often surprised to hear that a young person was able to scale their growth that rapidly. When I look around, though, I see a ton of other people my age making $100k-$200k+ in corporate support roles.


What's the disconnect? Well, for starters, I've never met a career coach who caters exclusively to helping people (usually young people) join/advance within the corporate world. There's no one who teaches us HOW. Colleges let their students go (sometimes barely) with a resume, but without any practical job-hunting skills. Young people are the "forgotten ones" of the coaching world. I decided that my years of getting my friends corporate salaries of $40k, $50k, $65k, was valuable enough to widen the net... & now we're here!!!

Target Audience for Career Coaching

There are 2 target audiences for which I can confidently offer value:

  • Entry-Level candidates who are looking for an "in" to the corporate business world. Maybe you're a recent college graduate who isn't having luck landing a corporate job or maybe you're unhappy in a service-based industry and want to transition your skills to a more profitable, stable industry. My coaching services are made for you! 

  • Associate-Level+ individuals who just need a bit more guidance for the tough corporate questions. We cover topics like growth, resume building for the seasoned applicant, applying for work (the way that will get your resume seen), & much more.

Not sure if Admin & Eve is right for you? Click the button below for our full service list!

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