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60 Verbs To Enliven Your Resume (We ❤ Cheat Sheets!)

In my last f

ew blog posts, "How To Get Your Job Application Seen (Even During Covid)" and "The Recipe For A Great Admin Resume", I touched on some key strategies that help boost your resume to the top of the pile.

In this post I wanted to offer specific examples that will help elevate your resume through the use of language. I cannot stress this enough: In most hiring scenarios your resume is the first impression.

When approaching your resume, you should firstly consider it a tool used to set you apart from other, often more experienced candidates. What tool can you use (aside from having the credentials?) The power of language. If we don't have the fancy company names or 10 years of experience that could make even a dry resume stand out, then it's up to us to create (sometimes manufacture) a reason to stand out! For now, the topic of the day is action verbs!

From my years of trial and error for all-things "resume building", I'd like to share my running list with you! Here is my "Verb Encyclopedia":

As always, if you need guidance or more targeted support for your resume/cover letter building, interview prep, questions about corporate, or general job search, you can always schedule time with me! ❤ I'm here to help!



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