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Becoming An Admin During Covid: The "Why" and The "How"

I was fired during Covid and it completely ✨mentally destroyed me✨ for months. I mean, this was my dream role & aside from the inevitable frustrations we all have with our jobs, I was happy at my company.

BUT within 3 months, was working in a new role that paid better, had better benefits, and in a company that actually acknowledged my contributions and accomplishments (a rarity these days). The approach? I gotchu.


The "Why

  1. The market is opening, regardless of Covid. There are a wild amount of entry-level admin roles across the better-known job search platforms, just need to have a killer application to compete with the hundreds of other applicants. Lots of these jobs are remote, too, so you can dip your toes into the the corporate world without the usual stresses of being in an office.

  2. Even if your final goal is not being an assistant or an admin, these roles give you invaluable exposure to the corporate world and they are ACCESSIBLE to everyone. You don't need a college degree or special experience to apply for many of the roles out there!

  3. It's not difficult. Unless you're branching out in to other channels like office management, HR, marketing, etc, you are tapping into a particular skillset as an admin that's easy to pick up!

  4. Why not? If this pandemic has been responsible for you losing you job, why not take a crack at the corporate scene?


The "How"

  1. Intangible tip: Be malleable.

If you were to ask me my career goals in the span of a year, these are the responses I would have given:

  • August 2019: I want to be leading culture & working in a function that lays me up for a career in HR for a growing startup. Preferably also an office manager.

Suuuper specific, right? Clear, but rigid.

  • June 2020: I'll take any job that pays me.

Don't judge me- I just got fired! I even applied to be a stable-hand for livestock at a cattle museum. 🤦‍♀️=🐄🤠

  • July 2020: I want to work at a company that provides stability (like finance). I'd love to be an admin & office manager, but don't mind being either/or.

I found a way to streamline my goal to make it realistic and attainable to my skills, but also reflective of the current market.

🎉Because of this re-assessment, I had an official offer 1 month after making that decision.🎉

2. Don't just look at the traditional sites like Linkedin, Monster, and Indeed. Try your hand at freelance work on Upwork and Fiverr, too. If finding a full-time job is proving to be difficult, freelance sites can limit the pool and offer specific gigs rather than robust roles. This is also a great way to get your experience up and minimize resume gaps!

3. Take care in every job application you submit. I know it's hard, but be thoughtful. Change the resume language to reflect the job description, sprinkle key words from the JD into the resume, have a compelling cover-letter that makes sense!

4. Work on your skills in the meantime. Take free Google & Microsoft courses. Learn Analytics, learn marketing, learn a marketable skill! Especially if you're entry-level, this is the key to ensuring prospective employers aren't worried if you've mastered the basics.

Pro tip: Certifications & courses look great on resumes and Linkedin profiles!

Finding a job during a global pandemic is, of course, tough (understatement). But I hope I can guide and empower you to approach the search a bit differently. Job applications are about so much more than just the application, so as much as you can improve other areas of your resume, Linkedin, and credentials, the better chance you have to land a role.

If you can use targeted help with the tips I shared, visit me on! If not, no biggie, I post blogs every Sunday about being an admin & navigating the corporate world. Hope you stick around!



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